A Walk In The Park

Crochet Lace Romper

Crochet Lace Romper with this Camellia Lace Bralette underneath, Ray-Ban Aviator SunglassesMadewell Tracecraft Bangles + Madewell Glider BangleL’Oreal Nail Polish in “Tangerine Crush”

New York weather is funny this time of year. One minute you’re convinced it’s summer, only to be hit with a surprise thunderstorm seconds later. I experienced this first-hand last week after getting caught in the middle of a few unexpected downpours. And to make matters worse, I had packed nothing but sandals, quickly killing any shot I may have had at passing for a New Yorker. Fortunately, the clouds soon parted ways, allowing for the most ideal visit to Central Park. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, and we were lucky enough to soak it up on the rooftop of one of the most gorgeous apartment buildings in the city. As much as I love the street energy of Manhattan, it was a nice break from the pace of the city below and made for a great way to enjoy the sun. Normally I stay away from black above 80 degrees, but this delicate romper is light and airy, making it the perfect fit for warmer weather.

Crochet Lace RomperCrochet Lace RomperCrochet Lace Romper Central ParkCrochet Lace RomperCrochet Lace Romper




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