Colony Palms Hotel – Palm Springs


Two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I embarked on a spontaneous trip to Palm Springs in honor of my birthday. Most of my vacations to the desert had been spent at big chain hotels with busy pool scenes, but since it was just the two of us, I wanted this trip to be different. We aimed for more of a boutique hotel; something charming and quaint that felt secluded, but central enough to the city in case we had the urge to explore. We decided on the Colony Palms Hotel and spent the next 48 hours eating way too much delicious food, relaxing at the spa and soaking up as much sun as one can in January. It was exactly what we were looking for. Below are some of my favorite parts of our trip:


{The gorgeous arched ceilings that bordered each room}


{The Moroccan style decor that carried throughout the hotel. I especially loved this ornate headboard.}


{And the clawfoot tub that felt vintage, despite the newly renovated feel of the room}


{The serene pool surrounded by a stunning backdrop of desert mountains}

Purple Palm

{Afternoon cocktails by the pool}


{The most perfect guacamole served with fresh tortilla chips from the Purple Palm restaurant. Not pictured was a second favorite – the sinfully indulgent Nutella French Toast. (I’m still dreaming about it.)}


{Lush landscaping that covered the grounds}


{An unexpected, but playful mix of colors at the Purple Palm restaurant}


{Vine-covered pillars and stairs}


{Golden morning light peeking through}


{Cozy fireplaces that were perfect to read by}


{Poolside cabanas with patterns reminiscent of circus tents}


 {Our private patio where we spent quiet mornings with coffee and toast}


{The ‘lucky’ buddha we passed each day on the way to our room}


  • William Blanco
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    Great review, Jenna!

    I was just looking at staying in Palm Springs and the Colony Palms Hotel seems like the perfect retreat for two! Just have to find someone to go with now.

    I’ll be sure to greet the Buddha for you!

  • Kelly
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    This hotel is gorgeous!

    xx Kelly
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  • Geoff
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    This looks like a must!! Great review and thanks for sharing!

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