An Easy Mother’s Day Gift Idea

When you’re a kid, coming up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift is easy. Breakfast in bed, a handmade craft, or a simple card is guaranteed to win her over. But as you grow up, the pressure to come up with a thoughtful gift she’ll truly love or use can feel daunting. If your mom is anything like mine, she’s probably already gifted herself most of what she wants anyway, which is why the best gifts are the ones she hasn’t thought of. 

When my mom told me she wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day with a day trip to Los Angeles, I decided to put an itinerary together filled with some of our favorite mother-daughter activities. Because she only lives an hour away, a day trip to LA isn’t out of the ordinary for her, so I wanted this one to feel extra special. The itinerary included brunch at her favorite cafe (a must if you’re in Santa Monica!), followed by nail appointments at Olive & June, shopping at the 3rd Street Promenade and sunset drinks by the beach. Since our Mother’s Day celebration was more of an experience, I wanted to present her with a more tangible gift to go along. I curated an “LA themed” box filled with fresh flowers from the LA flower mart, a cookbook from our brunch spot that day, locally made sweets and candles, nail polish, and an itinerary as a prelude for the day ahead. And thanks to my friends at Uber, I added an Uber gift card to make the trek from place to place as seamless as possible. Between traffic, metered parking and limited spots, navigating Los Angeles can quickly turn a relaxing day into a stressful one, and my mom loves the convenience of Uber as much as I do.

I’m sometimes wary of giving gift cards since they run the risk of feeling lazy or impersonal, but when it lends itself to a memorable experience, I’m happy to make an exception. It was truly one of the best days we’d had in a while, and being able to hop around the city without wasting time and money on parking was such a treat. Plus, just as I had hoped, she loved the box and said the Uber gift card was one of the most clever and practical gifts she’d received in years. If you’re stumped on what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, a memorable experience that she can redeem through Uber is bound to put a smile on her face. And if you’re in need of ideas for an experience to go along, these adorable gift card designs are sure to provide some inspiration. 

*Special thanks to Uber for collaborating on this post.

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