Favorite Finds


1. I’m still not sure I can hop on board with the thick eyebrow trend, but these before and afters have me doubting everything I once believed in.

2. Despite how monumental some of these landmarks are, I was amazed at their ability to look insignificant when viewed from a different perspective.

3. I’m a huge fan of New York, but this list of “50 Great Things LA Has That NYC Doesn’t,” makes some pretty compelling arguments. Coincidentally, I happened to write about #3 a while back in this post.

4. When I first moved to LA, I was told that Bay Cities Italian Deli was home to the “best sandwich in LA.” Now, as a three year resident who’s done her fair share of sandwich exploration, I can fully attest. A visit to Bay Cities comes with lines and chaos, but take one bite of their signature Godmother sandwich with the “works,” and you’ll forget all about the hassle. This Buzzfeed article says it all.

5. Coachella may have passed, but I can’t stop shopping for festival wear. Luckily, Express is offering 40% off site-wide, which includes their Festival Chic collection that has some pretty great steals.

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    yay to link #3! and as for bay cities italian deli… i’m checking this place out asap. thanks for the rec! 🙂


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