Frame Of Hearts

Framed Hearts

In college, my walls were covered with bulletin boards filled with photos of my life at the time. Luckily my taste in wall decor was shared by my peers, but happily I’ve graduated to a more understated look these days, with just a few personal photos around my room. And since I’ve yet to acquire an appreciation for finer art, or the willingness to invest in it, decorating my walls remains challenging. I’ve found that most of what I encounter doesn’t fit with the rest of my decor, so I was inspired to create something on my own. I’m artistically challenged to say the least, so I didn’t set the bar high, but after after coming across some images of framed hearts on Etsy, I decided to try making my own. The process was actually simple and proved to be the perfect solution to my dilemma.

1) Items you need:
-Craft paper for heart cut outs (I used this one, along with the white paper that came with the frames).
-Heart punch (I used this one).
-Glue stick
-Frames (Mine are from West Elm and can be found here).

Framed Hearts

2) Begin by using the heart punch to cut hearts out of the paper. Next lay the hearts on the background paper without glue to get an idea of how many you’ll need for each row.

Framed Hearts

3) Once you’ve established how many hearts you’ll need, apply a thin layer of glue to the back of each heart and carefully apply them to the paper. (I highly recommend using a ruler to keep your rows straight during this process). I also liked the idea of making one heart stand out from the rest, so to do so, I used the opposite side of the craft paper for one of the hearts, revealing the darker shade that was on the backside of the craft paper.

Framed HeartsFramed Hearts


  • Nnenna
    March 27, 2014 at 10:54 am http://a%20rel='nofollow'%20class='comment-reply-link'%20href='#comment-223'%20onclick='return%20addComment.moveForm(%20comment-223,%20223,%20respond,%202608%20)'%20aria-label='Reply%20to%20Nnenna'%20-%20Reply/a

    This is absolutely adorable. Love this DIY!

    • jenna
      March 27, 2014 at 11:44 am http://a%20rel='nofollow'%20class='comment-reply-link'%20href='#comment-224'%20onclick='return%20addComment.moveForm(%20comment-224,%20224,%20respond,%202608%20)'%20aria-label='Reply%20to%20jenna'%20-%20Reply/a

      Thanks so much, Nnenna! It was so easy and I loved the way it turned out too!


  • monic
    March 29, 2014 at 9:46 am http://a%20rel='nofollow'%20class='comment-reply-link'%20href='#comment-232'%20onclick='return%20addComment.moveForm(%20comment-232,%20232,%20respond,%202608%20)'%20aria-label='Reply%20to%20monic'%20-%20Reply/a

    love this DIY project =)

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