Home Improvement – Before & After

Hopefully I’m not alone here, but one of my favorite things to do when I have down time is to organize. I find it therapeutic and love that the end result is one that’s productive. While I try to do this year-round, I’m beginning to think that the best time to really organize is after the new year, since we all tend to acquire new things around the holidays. It feels like a perfect time to declutter and create a fresh start, so I’ve dedicated the past couple of months to revamping some things within my apartment. Many of these were simple adjustments, but a small change can go a long way. Here are some of my favorite before and afters:

Jewelry Organization

Hanging Necklaces: As someone who has an affinity for dainty jewelry, I’m constantly dealing with the tangled mess that comes along. My favorite solution to avoid knotted necklaces is to hang them on the wall. Since these are hidden in my closet, I decided push pins were practical enough, but if you plan to display necklaces on a more visible wall, I would invest in some cute door knobs for a more appealing presentation. I highly recommend this adorable selection from Anthropologie.

Bathroom Tray

Bathroom Tray: My obsession with nail polish only continues to grow, so I needed a way to keep everything organized. I had previously stored my polishes in a circular glass vase, but soon realized my storage idea was completely impractical when I was always reaching for a color that was buried at the bottom. Because nail polishes come in such appealing colors, I wanted something that allowed me to keep them on display, and this tray from West Elm did the trick. I lined the polishes up according to shade for somewhat of an ombre effect, and utilized the extra space for some of the jewelry and hair necessities that I reach for most often.

Drawer Liner

Drawer Liners: My apartment was probably built in the ’70s, but I find that its old age is part of its charm. So I’ve learned to embrace the quirky things about it – like the squeaky doors and creaky wood flooring that make it impossible to tiptoe around. The one thing I don’t welcome though, is the worn look inside of my bathroom drawers. I did some quick research on options to conceal the drawer bottoms and was thrilled to find this fabric drawer liner. After taking some quick measurements, I cut just enough to line the drawers, making for a much more attractive interior.

Revolving Spice Rack

Revolving Spice Rack: Spices are usually designated to the smaller cabinets in the kitchen, so it can be tricky to access the spices you’re looking for without knocking others over in the process. Investing in a revolving spice rack is a complete game changer. I love this one because there is no front or back. Everything is accessible with a simple turn of the wheel. And rather than being just randomly arranged, my spices are now organized by shelf; distinguishing those that I use for baking from those that I use for cooking, has made for not only a much cleaner look but saves time when cooking.

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