If It Isn’t Neon, It Shouldn’t Be On

Pop Of Neon + Mirrored Aviators

Frenchi Tank (old color, similar here and here), J Brand Jeans, ShoeMint Shoes, Madewell Bangles, Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Back in college, my sorority partnered with a fraternity to host a dance exchange with the theme, “If It Isn’t Neon, It Shouldn’t Be On.” Naturally, as college kids do with themed parties, we took our instructions to the extreme. I was decked out in head-to-toe neon, with glow stick necklaces and fluorescent yellow leggings that should never be seen in public. I pray that those pictures never resurface since that theme would never be found in my day-to-day wardrobe. But that said, I just had to make an exception with this bright green top and a new pair of mirrored aviators. I can’t help but feel happy when I wear the two (especially together), and the bright hues couldn’t have fit more perfectly with the weather we had last weekend. I’m all for a little pop of neon, just so long as it’s in moderation…

Pop Of Neon + Mirrored AviatorsPop Of Neon + Mirrored AviatorsPop Of Neon + Mirrored Aviators




  • Annie || the little things
    March 18, 2014 at 9:22 pm http://a%20rel='nofollow'%20class='comment-reply-link'%20href='#comment-149'%20onclick='return%20addComment.moveForm(%20comment-149,%20149,%20respond,%202285%20)'%20aria-label='Reply%20to%20Annie%20||%20the%20little%20things'%20-%20Reply/a

    Just came across your blog & love it – I’ve been wanting the blue mirrored Ray Bans and I think it’s about time I order them now!

    • jenna
      March 18, 2014 at 9:59 pm http://a%20rel='nofollow'%20class='comment-reply-link'%20href='#comment-150'%20onclick='return%20addComment.moveForm(%20comment-150,%20150,%20respond,%202285%20)'%20aria-label='Reply%20to%20jenna'%20-%20Reply/a

      Aw, thank you so much! You should definitely go for it. I actually love mine so much that I’m now tempted to get them in every color 😉

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