Less Is More – Rustic Valentine’s Day Cake

Valentine's Day Cake

There is something romantic, understated, and sophisticated about an unfinished cake. This isn’t to say that I’m averse to more complex cakes with detailed exteriors, but the less is more saying holds true for me in this case. (It also doesn’t hurt that there’s less guilt when the frosting only covers half of the surface area.) I’d been wanting to try my hand at this rustic style cake, and thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect occasion to do so. Not only was I pleased from an aesthetic standpoint, but the flavor definitely did not disappoint. I used this buttermilk pound cake recipe and garnished it with vanilla buttercream frosting (also seen here) and festive pink carnations.

To create a flat surface, I used dental floss to gently remove the top layer of each cake.I then applied a generous coat of frosting to the top of each cake.


  • Simona
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    This looks beautiful, I love that it isn’t overdone with frosting!

    • jenna
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      Thank you, Simona! That’s what I love about it too 🙂

  • Kate
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    Hi! I know this post is kind of old but I was thinking of making a cake like this for my daughter’s birthday, and was wondering about the buttermilk cake recipe you used. I saw on the recipe you linked to that it calls for making it in a 9 in. tube pan. Did you make the same amount as the original recipe and just bake the cake in two regular cake pans? Also, how did the frosting turn out? (saw mixed reviews on the site about it so wanted to know if you thought it was too sweet).


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