Lob Love

Hair Inspiration: The LobCutting your hair is a funny thing. The logical side would tell you it’s “just hair,” that it will ultimately grow back. But there’s an undeniable emotional attachment to hair that serves as a security blanket for many women, myself included. A few years back, I told my hair colorist I was thinking of ditching the blonde I’d had my entire life in exchange for a dark brown. His immediate response was, “Did you and your boyfriend break up?” I couldn’t help but laugh because I knew exactly what he meant. A breakup wasn’t what triggered my interest in a change at the time, and I never actually went through with dying it brown, but I have watched numerous girlfriends change their hair to signify a fresh start in their lives. I’m not big on change in general, but after years with virtually the same cut and color, I’m finally ready for something new. And because finding a flattering cut can be challenging, I’m leaning toward one style that seems to work on everybody lately, and that’s the “lob” (aka, the long bob). When I’m finally ready to make the change, I’ll be using inspiration from these stylish cuts.

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  • Andrea Hartman
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    Those are definitely some enviable tresses! I am on the brink of long, and of course I have a wandering eye for lobs right now. So hard to decide what to do. I love the bottom right!

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