Marble Print

Zara Marble Print Skirt

White Tank (similar here) layered over BP. Camisole, Zara SkirtSteve Madden Heels, Vintage Dior Clutch, Madewell Bangle

Whether it’s on a kitchen countertop or a piece of clothing, marble print has been fascinating me lately, so adding this skirt to my wardrobe was a given. I’ve been fighting a stubborn cold all week but refused to let it interfere with my weekend plans, which included reservations for a restaurant I’d been meaning to try for months, so I threw this on for the first time and headed out to dinner despite feeling under the weather. Sometimes a little retail therapy and a new outfit is the best medicine.

Zara Marble Print SkirtZara Marble Print SkirtZara Marble Print SkirtZara Marble Print SkirtZara Marble Print SkirtZara Marble Print Skirt


  • David
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    Love it!

    • jenna
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      Thank you!

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