Scenes From New York

Central Park

It’s been almost two weeks since my trip to New York, and I can’t get it out of my head. I’m already dreaming of another trip back, which I’d love to make in December, since I have yet to experience a city that captures the holiday magic quite like New York. Needless to say, though, New York impresses me with each of its seasons. They’re each so uniquely special, that choosing a favorite feels impossible. And while I’m not sure I could handle the weather year-round, I loved catching the end of spring over a long weekend. Below are a few of my favorite scenes from our trip:

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

{Dining al fresco – a must when restaurants are situated on streets as charming as this}


Springtime in Central Park

{A beautiful day in Central Park, complete with picnic blankets, sun bathers and frisbee players}

Central Park Rooftop View

{The treetops of Central Park from a nearby rooftop}

Central Park Rooftop View

{And a quick break to perfect the Instagrams that followed}

9/11 Memorial Museum

{A sobering visit to the newly opened 9/11 Memorial Museum}City art from the Meatpacking District in Manhattan

{City art in the Meatpacking District}

Blooming Lavender

{Signs of spring via blooming lavendar}

Fresh Cherries

{Delicious cherries from upstate New York to snack on after days of eating nothing but heavy food}

Train Tracks in Dumbo, Brooklyn

{Outtakes while taking pictures on the cobblestone streets of Dumbo, Brooklyn}

Sailors during Fleet Week in New York

{Dapper sailors around town for Fleet Week}

Happy BabyNew York High Line

{Playful children captured from a walk along the High Line}

Sunset from the High Line in New York

{A gorgeous sunset peeking through surrounding skyscrapers}

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