Sugar Fish


Though it’s hard for me to believe, there was once a time where you couldn’t have paid me enough to eat sushi. Something about its slimy consistency and the fact that it’s usually served raw just didn’t appeal to me. In fact, the only way I learned to enjoy it was by ordering fancy rolls to mask the fish flavor. After hearing rave reviews of Sugar Fish, though, I finally mustered up the courage to ditch the extravagant rolls in exchange for a more simplified version. And let me tell you – there will be no turning back. This has quickly become my go-to staple for high-quality sushi. Each bite truly melts in your mouth (hence the fitting name) and leaves you completely satisfied. If you’re lucky enough to dine at one of their seven locations in Los Angeles, I highly recommend the “Trust Me” or “Trust Me Lite” from the pre-fixed menu. You won’t be disappointed.

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