Sunday Spontaneity

Denim Cutoffs With Booties

H&M Shorts, Madewell Sweater (similar here), Express Cami, Marc Jacobs Crossbody Bag, Express Booties (similar here), Super by Retrosuperfuture SunglassesTiffany & Co. Necklace

Spontaneity is a quality that I really admire in people, but when it comes to my weekends, I generally prefer to plan ahead since I’m likely to waste time without an agenda to follow. My plans typically involve simple activities, like trying a new cafe someone has recommended, or exploring new territory across town. But a couple of weekends ago I was reminded of how nice it can be to forgo the planning in exchange for a relaxing day in my own neighborhood. The weather was beautiful on this particular day, so I threw on some denim cutoffs and spent the afternoon exploring by foot. I stopped for fresh flowers, melted over the tiniest kittens I’ve ever seen for adoption (proof below), and indulged in iced lattes on the sunny patio of this new coffee shop, paired with the kind of leisure conversation that recharges you for the week ahead. I couldn’t have planned a better day if I’d tried.

Denim Cutoffs With BootiesPeach RosesSuper By Retrosuperfuture SunglassesKitten For Adoption


  • Catherine
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    I love devoting a free afternoon every one in a while to walking around my own neighborhood. It’s such a great reminder of the gems right under our noses… also a testament to your outfit here. So simple but so put together and perfect for a casual adventure!


    • jenna
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      It’s so true! And thank you!


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